Ticketing partners for live entertainment

We promote and support performing arts companies and entertainment and cultural brands by enabling them to sell tickets for their productions and licensees directly to consumers, fans and followers. We support our clients in design, technology, commercial negotiations, data and practical implementation. We offer a complete package enabling clients to reap the full benefits of their existing profile by making the final connection to their customers – and their potential customers.

Our clients are making more sales and sealing more relationships with their customers through us each year. We have already enabled the sale of hundreds of thousands of tickets and we consistently see customers opting in to hear from our clients at one of the highest rates in the industry. The reason is simple – we are constantly working with our partners to eliminate barriers between our clients and their ticket-buying customers. Buying tickets through us and our partners for our clients’ performances and events is a natural progression of their customers’ interest. So, when it comes to the end of the sales process and giving their consent to hearing from our clients, we see customers showing a very high level of interest because they know when they give their consent will hear directly from the brand, person or company in whom they are investing their ticket purchase.

Our approach to personal data is not only technically and legally compliant but is built from the ground up with the personalised and informed approach to customer data which -

  • underpins GDPR and the general direction of privacy laws and regulations
  • customers want
  • brands, acts and companies need.

We have existing clients and live relationships in the following industry areas:

  • Theatre & Comedy
  • Writers & Composers
  • Family Entertainment
  • Music
  • National Portfolio Organisations

…with more being added each year.

Only Connect is:


  • Julie Pollin · Senior Associate
    Client Relationship ·· Sales Set Up & Support · Event Set Up & Support · Venue & Partner Liaison · Customer Service
  • Raf Goszczurny · Associate
    Client Relationship ·· Sales Set Up & Support · Event Set Up & Support · Venue & Partner Liaison · Customer Service
  • Sacha Brooks · Managing Director
    Business Development · Privacy & Data Protection Operations & Compliance · Customer Service


  • Sacha Brooks · Managing Director
  • James Charrington · Non-Executive Director

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